With the political unrest around the world, we at Clay Cooley Hyundai stand united with those in need, both overseas and here at home. Our team in Mesquite wants to support friends and family alike, and one way to assist in the worldwide struggles we’re facing is to help each other save on the unprecedented high fuel prices.

Whether or not your vehicle is already fuel efficient, our Mesquite neighbors have a variety of ways to increase mileage and decrease costs at the pump. Here are a few ideas to help you save cash for family needs and other causes.

  • Don’t top off your tank. The extra fuel will just evaporate, especially in the warm weather about to hit Mesquite. In fact, keep your tank between ¼ - ¾ full. This reduces the weight your vehicle carries for better fuel efficiency overall.
  • Keep your tire pressure level and at the appropriate PSI. This helps get proper grip on the road so you aren’t slipping or sliding.
  • Drive at a steady pace. Mesquite traffic can be unpredictable, so keep space between you and the vehicle in front of you, allowing you to let off the gas rather than slam the brakes.
  • Make sure all your fluids are topped off and that you keep up with regular maintenance recommended for your vehicle so it’s operating in its best condition.
  • On nice days, avoid running the air or heat, as this uses more fuel. However, at higher speeds, having the windows down creates drag and reduces fuel efficiency.
  • Don’t gun the engine, as this pumps excess fuel. Also, avoid idling as much as possible, as this is burning fuel without any progress. It can also lead to overheating in the hot Mesquite sun.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight. If you have bike or luggage racks you aren’t using, take them off. The added weight increases fuel usage.
  • Plan your outings more carefully. Instead of coming and going several times, or backtracking for an errand, consider the most fuel efficient route to complete everything in one trip.
  • Avoid roads with multiple stoplights where possible, while still avoiding high speeds that cut back on fuel efficiency.
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